Smart Kiosks To Future Proof The Beverage Industry
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Get ahead of consumer trends, build customer loyalty and save the world from single-use plastic.
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Companies That Trust Us

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Plastic Free

VMI is revolutionising the
beverage industry by reducing
single-use plastic bottle
waste and facilitating the cleaning of our environment.

Why Choose VMI?

Remote Management

Manage all of your smart kiosks in a click of a button. Instantly get notifications when maintenance is needed.

Customer Loyalty Software

Kiosks have embedded proprietary

software to customize the experience for each customer via LED screens.  

Unified Product Distribution

Place VMI Kiosks in high traffic areas, where your customers typically visit; local shopping malls, outlets, public squares, beaches and more... All with integrated touch less payment systems. 

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100% Sustainable

VMI machines are completely plastic free, every sale you make to your customers, leaves one less bottle in our oceans. 

Private Labeled Solution

Make VMI Kiosks your own! All Kiosks can be re-branded to match yours. Brands can also receive their own branded reusable bottles with every purchase.


Our Kiosks

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Air To Water

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Refill Kiosk

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Still, Sparkling or Flavoured, Without The Waste

Join Some Of The Worlds Largest Companies In Transforming The Way We Hydrate

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